Online Learning

Online learning has been a big adjustment for many young people. Below are some resources and tips to support you in learning for school, TAFE or University. There’s also some ideas around learning new hobbies and skills during this time at home.

Tips for online learning

  • Try to find a quiet space in the home for you to study. If you need to share a space, try to set aside ‘quiet times’ where you can concentrate.
  • Try to stick to a routine – including getting enough sleep.
  • Take short breaks through the day to stretch and re-energise.
  • Connect with your classmates online with Facebook, Skype or Facetime. Everyone is in this together.
  • Your teachers are still available to help. Reach out and ask if you have questions or need support.

ReachOut Online Study Hub
If school life is overwhelming right now, you’re not alone. The ReachOut online study hub has information for students to get you through everything from studying at home, exam stress and fear about the future.

Resources to support online learning

Here's some tips and ideas to support you:

Greater Dandenong Libraries

Online library services are still available. You can download eBooks and Audiobooks, stream movies and documentaries from Kanopy films, and access online courses through Lynda.

Check out Studiosity for 24/7 study support from subject specialists. You can upload your essays and assignments, as well as your resume or CV, and receive feedback on your writing.

STAR Club - Homework Support

SMRC Youth Hub is providing homework support online through STAR Club. Students who have lived in Australia for less than 5 years can access this.

ABC Education

The ABC are helping you to learn from home, with videos, articles and resources for students in years 7 to 10. A huge range of subjects are covered, including English, maths, science, technology, geography, history, the arts and economics.

Learning Styles Quiz

Do you prefer to learn by listening, through visual cues or in a ‘hands on’ way? Understanding your own learning style can help you to study in ways that are more effective and more enjoyable. Try this quiz to discover your learning style and how to use it to your advantage.

Learning something new

Beyond online learning for school, maybe there’s something else you’re interested in learning more about. There is online support for almost any new skill or hobby you can think of!

Short videos for people who are curious about almost anything.

Learn coding skills for free with these interactive lessons.

Daily, five-minute ‘brain training’ games to improve memory, decision making and problem solving skills.

Duolingo – Language app

Learn a new language using this free, interactive app. Duolingo can help you learn to read, write, listen and speak your choice of more than 100 languages!


Improve your employability skills through a range of online courses and training opportunities.

EdX - Free Online Courses

Why not put your spare time to good use by doing an online course? EdX gives you free access to more than 2,500 courses from institutions including Harvard, MIT, Berkeley and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Amnesty International Training Modules

Use your time at home to improve your advocacy skills! These online modules will teach you about activism and equip you with strategies to raise awareness and create positive change.

Join a YouTube tutorial

Whether you want to learn to sing, improve your photography skills or cook a new recipe, there’s a YouTube tutorial for almost everything!

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