About Us

Youth Services works with young people and their families aged 12-25 who live, work, study or have a significant connection to the municipality.

Youth Service provides an important universal service base for young people. We seek to support the healthy physical, social and emotional development of all young people in our community, through building and enhancing protective factors and working with young people to develop their strengths and skills. 

Youth Services is a generalist youth service, comprising of three teams, Counselling and Support, Engagement and Participation and Community Development.

The team is based at 39 Clow Street, Dandenong.

Youth Services 

Katharina Verscharen
Co-Ordinator Youth and Family Services

0419 312 549

Counseling and Support 

Sylvia Marov
Senior Team Leader Youth and Family Support Services

0403 390 591

Engagement and Participation 

Yohana Jury
Team Leader Engagement and Participation

0466 329 776

Youth and Community Development 


Aishling Fagan
Team Leader Youth and Community Development

0401 366 443